Discover these insider tips on how domains create value.

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Our intentions in creating this resource was to give businesses a perspective on why domain names create a strategic competitive advantage. Not many executives understand the power of branding.  The ones that do create brands that define industries.

After speaking with thousands of companies, it was easy to differentiate the people that understood branding and marketing.  The ones that do created brands that communicate authority and leadership in their verticals while giving them the ability to pivot with any industry trends.Today creating a brand or marketing campaign starts with domain availability. Branding and domain strategies are inseparable.

When a domain name is acquired correctly, it elevates a brand to a position of authority, supercharges any marketing campaign and increases conversion by being easy to remember while pre-selling the brand.

A poor domain name requires more marketing dollars that are wasted on communicating the domain versus the brand message.  Worse, it can even drive traffic to a competitor or another brand. A domain name is an asset with a return on investment that pays out for the life of the brand.Each chapter is a short read and meant to stimulate conversation and thought for this foundational decision, acquiring the perfect domain name.

The book is broken out two sections:

  • How domains create a competitive advantage
  • Three costly mistakes to avoid that could devalue your brand

How domains create a competitive advantage includes the following chapters:**

  1. Criteria for choosing a domain .
  2. Types of domains
  3. The top 3 domain strategies
  4. How to create a competitive advantage with domains
  5. Capturing consumer intent – they key to conversion
  6. Examples of companies that changed their domain name
  7. How to use multiple domains
  8. Rebranding
  9. Domains: Liquid assets on the books
  10. Wholesale liquidity, resale and appreciation
  11. Valuation: comparable sales
  12. Examples of generic domains

Three costly mistakes to avoid that could devalue your brand covers the following:

  1. Mistake #1: Abusing the inventive domain strategy
  2. Mistake #2: Misusing creative words for branding
  3. Mistake #3: Only considering cheap domains


Domain strategies continue to evolve as the world and business transactions move online.The paradigm has shifted as brands realize the importance of their digital strategies to maintain and growing sales.

We are still at a very early stage of the internet as most businesses still have not fully developed their digital strategies.As marketing budgets shift with a predominance on digital strategies, we will see a massive influx of investment into all things digital.

Valuable assets such as category defining domain names will increase in value because of global demand and a finite supply.Businesses that get in the game now will be at a tremendous advantage and reap the rewards.

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