MediaOptions and ReviMedia Partner to Launch Premium Domain

Newly launched website presents education & choices in the disability insurance industry

Recently launched website showcases a quality business built on a premium domain property through a smart partnership between lead generation powerhouse ReviMedia and domain broker Media Options, combining ReviMedia’s lead gen experience with Media Options’ extensive knowledge of the domain market. Moreover, has a clear and bold mission: To create a brand in the disability insurance industry without resorting to SEO trickery. The main idea behind developing the premium domain is to combine domain development with lead generation in a niche market. ‘Disability Insurance’ is the main keyword for the disability insurance industry, with more than 40,000 people per month searching for the term on Google.

The partners saw a definite advantage in owning the main key word in a niche industry combined with multiple monetization models thanks to ReviMedia’s background in lead generation. “We chose to develop because we felt that this was a niche in the online insurance business where there seemed to be a hole. There wasn’t a great place to find good information about disability insurance and to receive and compare disability insurance quotes. We aim to provide the consumer with quality education and affordable choices about disability insurance through,” said Andrew Rosener of Media Options.

Frans Van Hulle, CEO of ReviMedia, adds “The strong background of ReviMedia in lead gen comes in ‘handy’ as we’ve connected multiple buyers and monetized with multiple verticals.

Last but not least, we want to go back to basics with this site. No tricks. No aggressive link-building campaigns. No keyword ratios – Just good content.” With an expected investment of approximately $40,000, the website aims to reach consumers organically, by killing “black hat” SEO. Rather, follows the concept of ‘doing SEO by doing no SEO’ and wants to attract high-quality traffic and links by simply offering relevant and interesting content for end-users on a premium domain and well-built website with good monetization in the back. offers Americans the opportunity to get informed about disability insurance and disability-related issues. The website provides an extensive learning center with relevant articles and helps users to compare disability quotes by different providers.