A Small Business that "Gets It" - Sunset Park Massage Suppliess

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Pisarski, the proprietor of Sunset Park Massage Supplies  (www.MassageSupplies.com). Stephanie has been ‘online’ for 12 years now selling massage equipment. She is a small business owner, based in Florida, and she ‘Gets It’ when it comes to domain names.

Stephanie doesn’t spend a single penny on marketing or advertising, not even on Google Adwords.  While that in itself may not surprise you, or may even be cause for concern in most cases… not so for Stephanie.  Her e-commerce store, MassageSupplies.com, is ranked Numero Uno (No.1) in Google and Yahoo for ALL of her targeted keywords, like:  Massage Supplies  &  Massage Equipment. How does she do it?  Well, the fact that she has been online for 12 years certainly helps, but that’s not all. 

Stephanie attributes a great deal of her success to the generic domain names she has acquired over the years which she redirects to her primary site, MassageSupplies.com.  One of those domain names, Massage-Equipment.com, was just purchased here at MediaOptions.com. MediaOptions.com will be helping Stephanie to further develop her online presence with the addition of more domain names related to her products and services.

Congrats to Stephanie and MassageSupplies.com for being one of the early adopters of generic domain names!