Domain Expert Testimony

MediaOptions CEO, Andrew Rosener, is globally recognized as the #1 expert in domain name valuation and domain name market analysis.

Need an Expert Witness for a Domain-Related Case?

MediaOptions has provided expert testimony privately to hundreds of companies and investors as well as in-court testimony in civil law cases. As an experienced expert domain witness and fluent in English, German and Spanish, Andrew Rosener can testify in court or send reports to litigators as needed worldwide.

With years of experience in the domain name, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and website marketing industries, Andrew is the ideal domain expert witness for your litigation, mediation, or negotiation. Andrew boasts expertise in the domain name industry as well as a very broad range of website marketing expertise.

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Why hire a Domain Expert Witness?

Our expert domain name testimony can be the difference between winning or losing your case. So far, our side has never lost (knock on wood)!

Domain names have risen in value more than almost any other asset class in the last 20 years, yet the industry is highly unregulated and can be opaque--especially to outsiders. There is very little liquidity and very few people, even in the industry, understand the value of domains. Having a domain expert witness on your side can give you more leverage when fighting for a domain. We have the most knowledgeable and respected industry professionals that understand your domain history report, pricing valuations, and more. A domain expert witness will be on your side to help communicate the value and win your case.

Here are the reasons you should hire Andrew Rosener and MediaOptions as your expert witness:

Experience - Industry experience is a must for an expert witness to be authoritative, honest, and just plain effective. It's not enough to say you understand how domain name valuation works; Rosener has actually practiced domain name valuation and management in multiple capacities.

Subject Matter Knowledge - An expert witness in domain names must know the field inside and out. They must completely understand domain valuation and search technologies and be able to explain them clearly. Andrew is that domain industry professional.

Qualified - Andrew has written many blog posts and articles on domain names, websites, website design, SEO, and internet marketing. He has worked as a witness in a number of legal cases, and testified in court. However, unlike other expert witnesses who end up being full time witnesses and hired guns, Andrew spends most of his time honing his skills in the field, not providing witness services. He leads the MediaOptions team in tackling domain name issues almost every day—and that won't change any time soon.

Domain Names Are a Challenge - Andrew has seen it all in the realm of domain names over the years. Each time the landscape has changed, he has been there to see it—and in some cases, to predict it. You need that level of granular knowledge on the stand, and if needed, you may get a fully detailed report that is technically accurate well in advance, so you're prepared, too.

Upcoming Litigation and Availability

To inquire about hiring Andrew and MediaOptions for current or upcoming legal issues, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, or litigation, please contact MediaOptions for availability. And each out today for a detailed resume or CV, and more information.