A Study in Premium Domain Name Value: Media Options Tapped to Broker SALE.COM, one of Top Ten Domains in the world

Domain Name Broker Media Options is pleased to announce it has been selected to broker SALE.COM, one of the most exclusive domain names the internet has to offer. What makes a domain name so incredibly premium?

Eight hard factors for accessing premium domain name value for your startup or business:

Mobile & International Appeal

At four itty bitty letters long, Sale.com is short & sweet- easy on typing fingers for mobile devices, and pronounceable in non-English speaking countries that still value the internationally recognized “SALE” signs visible in so many shop windows and websites worldwide. With mobile and tablet sales conversions quickly acquiring vast market share, shorter domain values increase in proportion. Both consumer shift in existing markets and internet access in emerging markets are driving this growth.

Powerhouses as emerging markets, consumers from China and India will be able to immediately recognize, speak, spell, and- most importantly- understand the word & intention for visiting, “SALE.com.” How many other words do you think meet this criteria?

Extremely Rare

Most super short domain names are already in use & unavailable for purchase.

Most domains of such short length are already in use by developed websites and many Fortune 500 companies. For example, almost all 2 letter .COM domain names are already in use by major worldwide corporations. There are only 676 combinations available, leaving you to wonder if it’s American Express or American Eagle who had the foresight to acquire AE.com. What could possibly compete with that? As you look at AE.com and wonder what the other company uses, it’s easy to realize that there’s nothing that can compete with such an exclusive domain.

There is a very limited quantity of 2-4 letter combinations that spell words, especially a generic, actionable, word like this with a clear sales channel.

The end goal of domain name ownership is to make money on the internet. That’s a key reason why most domain investors target generic words for online products or services. Food.com, Sex.com and Love.com – as domain names, not also considering their websites- are among the top 10 most valuable domains for the same reason. Two to four letter .COM domains are the most sought after domains and have steadily increased in valuation over time.

Domain name brokers like Media Options recognize that serious negotiations with corporate buyers take time, but there is almost always the option for an investor to exit with a profit, even if not an early investor.

Intention for Use, Hard Assets & Ease of Exit

Smart startups and corporations choose premium domains that make a statement as a brand or evoke a particular emotion. It’s all about association: Advertising and setting consumer expectations are major factors in marketing budgets and consumer adaption.  With an uber premium domain name like Travel.com, Dating.com, or Recipes.com, however, visitors instantly remember and know what to expect.

An ideal premium .COM acquisition will explain the brand or purpose behind the website, or emote the intended connotations so strongly that the domain acts as a significant brand foundation.

Particularly for startups, a large percentage of the domain name value may depend on the ability to pivot. When we brokered the Zeal.com domain name to an experienced serial entrepreneur branding his latest startup, we knew we were brokering a real winner to someone who knew what he needed to succeed.  Zeal.com connotes zeal, excitement, vigor and vim! As every bootstrapped startup knows, the ability to pivot during early stages, even after launch, is worth its weight in gold- to owners and investors alike.

As a hard asset, venture capitalists or investors will all be happy to see a domain name like Zeal.com or Sale.com on the books- being able to “pivot” also equals multiple markets for buyers should assets need to be liquidated.

Search & Advertising Budgets

With domain names that contain an exact match of the keyword consumers are searching, ad budgets are lower. A study by Microsoft proves consumers are more likely to click on those domain names. In addition, exact match domains have superior click through rate and ad relevance, which are 2 of the 3 factors for Google Quality Score.

As our detailed article explains, the cost per click on Google (CPC) decreases in proportion to increased Quality Score. Take a hard look at the facts, talk with an experienced domain name broker, and see how acquiring a premium domain name would help your startup or corporation today.