DomainSherpa Recap: January 26, 2023: Down The Rabbit Hole, The Relaunch: AI & Tea Parties

I love my career! 😀 I get to review, edit, and spread the love about domain names and DomainSherpa. Recently, I started to think (😱 scary, I know) that not everybody has the luxury of time to watch or listen to each and every episode.

So "with that" 😉, here is the latest DomainSherpa Recap if you didn't have the time to tune in, whether watching on the episode page at, via YouTube, or listening on the various Podcast platforms such as Apple and Spotify.

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DomainSherpa Jumps Back Down the Rabbit Hole!

Join hosts JT & Jen Sale for this special edition of DomainSherpa as they take you on a journey into the depths of the digital wonderland. This episode is definitley an adventure, as they discuss everything from AI tools to antitrust lawsuits. So let's jump down the rabbit hole with the gang!

For the series re-launch, Drew and Shane join JT & Jen as they explore how ChatGPT, MidJourney and are other popular AI-driven tools are being used and integrated in our digital spaces. The Sherpas also discuss and how it is being included into Domainsherpa by using it for the artificial intelligence powered video player, where the AI will automatically analyze and label videos, making it easieer to search for specific words, people, phrases, etc. and jump to those specific point in the video. These new AI tools are revolutionizing how businesses interact online, making it easier than ever to engage with customers in real time. But with all these advancements come legal concerns - so our hosts will also dive into what implications tech has on society today and whether or not Uncle Sam's anti-trust lawsuit against Google could have major consequences.

In addition to hearing more about what has become on of the hotest topics, viewers can expect some fun surprises too! Our hosts always make sure there are plenty of jokes and conversations that don’t just focus on business - but also on life in general. From their collective knowledge and experiences across many industries, you can expect a thoughtful yet entertaining dialogue that covers everything from tech trends to life lessons learned along the way with these Sherpas.

This episode is an exciting ride as the Sherpas take you down the rabbit hole of today’s digital wonderland! You won't want miss exploring these deep conversations about today’s digital landscape as we all jump down the 🐰🕳!

If you go over to YouTube, you can watch the entire episode or certain segments of the show, which I broke down for you below!

YouTube Timestamps

0:00 - Introduction to the re-launch of #DownTheRabbitHole with JT & Jen Sale as co-hosts as they explain the premise of the #podcast
6:00 - JT gives out his AKAs
7:26 - The #Sherpas discuss, an #artificialintelligence driven video player now being integratted into #DomainSherpa ands the crew dives down the rabbit hole of #MidJourney, #ChatGPTY, and other #AI tech products
33:27 - The team discusses enforement in this new AI-driven world
38:53 - #MediaOptions sponsor break
30:25 - The Sherpas discuss the difference of using .com vs .xyz, especially for Web3 applications and companies
39:30 - Episode continues as the Sherpas dive further down the Artificial Intelligence rabbit hole and the hyper-optimisim surrounding the sector and how today's society is built forn immediate gratification
59:58 - The crew discusses the United State's recent #antitrust filing against #Google

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