I disagree with most Domainers and “experts” on the topic of Hyphenated Domains. I have bought and sold many highly valuable keyword hyphenated domains. Sometimes, the hyphenated domain can be more valuable in terms of SEO if the keywords are not easily decipherable by Google.

If you put a multi-word domain name into Estibot for example and it doesn’t recognize the keywords without you capitalizing one or putting a space, then it is likely that google can’t decipher them either. In that case, the hyphenated domain name is critical and valuable for your SEO strategy. In some countries, specifically Germany, a hyphenated domain is more desirable and more valuable than the non-hyphenated domain. I recently sold Massage-Equipment.com for several…(read more)

thousand dollars to an ecommerce business because they realized the value in these keywords. People overlook the hyphenated domains and this is a mistake! Not all hyphenated domains are created equal…but the prime ones are valuable! You can read more about my sale of Massage-Equipment.com in the previous article I wrote. Just today, Roth-IRA.com sold on NameJet for almost $2K. Some of my favorite hyphenated domains I own are: Childrens-Literature.com Cocktail-Mixers.com Latex-Gloves.com Kitchen-Tables.com Compound-Bows.com Duffel-Bags.com Custom-Motorcycles.com Bathroom-Tissue.com Ear-Drops.com Asian-Foods.com Design-Architecture.com Search-Network.com Fish-Taco.com Font-Size.com Frederick-Maryland.com Free-Diving.com Green-Auto.com Hair-Straightener.com Luxury-Stores.com Magic-Mushrooms.com Neck-Massage.com Organic-Recipes.com Pizza-Dough.com Raw-Bar.com Search-Optimizing.com Self-Sustainable.com Shoulder-Massage.com Striper-Fishing.com Swiss-Food.com Treatment-Tables.com