Magnify your marketing spend with a premium domain

Media Options is now exclusively brokering the premium domain Domains are the gateway to your online presence. Research suggests that first impressions are made in 1/10 of a second. Matching your domain to consumer intent at the moment a customer is searching increases your chance of conversion. Creating a lasting impression thru branding is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. Branding and domain strategies are intersecting so closely they are hard to separate.  Selecting the perfect domain for your branding can be the difference between success and failure.  A good domain should pre-enforce and reinforce what your company offers. It should give the consumer a reason to click on your domain and engage with your brand. A premium domain is about making the online experience effortless from the very first interaction.  Media Options specializes in the acquisition and brokering of premium domain names. Premium Domain Name is now available for acquisition! Media Options is now exclusively brokering the one-word domain

  • This premium domain creates simplicity and quick captures consumer intent, which will lead to conversion.
  • will stand out in any search while allowing for pivots to strategies.
  • is easy to remember in any advertising campaign- invest now to save forever- that’s ROI!
  • Compare insurance plans, sell downloadable software for architectural/financial plans, or build #Plans as a call to action for your future!
  • 301,000 exact searches in Google each month for “plans,” with $1.19 CPC

Why domains create a competitive advantage: The greatest brands understand the importance of simplicity and the competitive advantage that this achieves.  Companies that capture customer intent with their domain strategy intuitively communicate simplicity and expertise. Verisign recently completed a study showing that keyword-rich domain names matching a search query are 1.8x to 2x more likely to get clicked in search results. A premium domain allows companies without a large marketing budget to take a leadership position because they standout by controlling the very question or need the consumers are looking to fill. A branded domain creates a direct destination for customers to find your company.  In order to not be hostage by Google/FB it is important to create a destination that customers can directly communicate with you brand.  This is why domains will continue to be crucial for every brand. For example, FitLife.TV lost over 50% of their organic traffic when YouTube changed the ranking procedure.  They were relying on YouTube solely as the conduit for their traffic and marketing. Domains are assets Domain names have been one of the best asset classes to invest in over the last 20 years. Individuals and companies have realized significant profits on both the wholesale and end user market for domain names. An investment in a domain should not be treated just as a marketing expense because of the ability to recapture the investment along with significant tax advantages.  A domain can be deducted as a marketing expense or depreciated over 5 to 10 years.  Speak to your accountant about how. Domains can be sold and spun off as strategies change and companies pivot.  This can provide a very substantial cash infusion back into the business.  Most importantly, it’s important to understand that buying a domain is not an expense, it’s an investment. Supply & Demand As the world moves online, premium domains are now becoming a global commodity.  It could be said that Internet Real Estate is becoming as important, if not more important, than a company’s physical real estate. Companies are having to compete with trending economies like China and India for branded domain names.  This is creating a bottleneck in the supply and increasing domain valuations.  It’s natural.  It’s no different than with real estate in a growing city, and no city on the planet is growing faster than the Internet! Once acquired, premium domains are typically never sold again.  This is because they become an integral part of branding and marketing strategies. If the competition moves first they will have the strategic advantage of controlling this premium domain! If you’d like to discuss the details and start conversation, just send an email to: Media Options: About Us Media Options is an industry-leading domain name broker, specializing in domain acquisitions and domain sales. As a thought leader in domain name valuation, domain investment and online media strategy, we provide consulting services to everyone from Startups looking for a brand to Fortune 500 companies looking to launch a new product or service. We also have tremendous experience and knowledge in the entire naming process.