Media Options Forges Even Closer Ties with Entrepreneurs: Andrew Rosener invited to join Young Entrepreneurs Council

Domain Broker Andrew Rosener teams up with Young Entrepreneurs Council

Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener is delighted and honored to accept an invitation to join the Young Entrepreneurs Council. It seems like a perfect fit, since so much of Media Options’ business is about helping young entrepreneurs identify and acquire the perfect name and/or domain name for their startup.

On the acquisition side, startpus or individual entrepreneurs often reach out for professional brokerage services. Despite the classic tight budgets of startups, most find that the professional guidance of an experienced broker domain broker pays off, both in acquiring the best domain for budget, and of course in negotiating the best price.

At Media Options, we work closely with startup teams to understand budget, brand concept, positioning, naming association, and SEO needs.

Looking for a Startup Name Generator?

Get down to business with a Domain Name Broker. An experienced professional can save you time & money to get you the best value for your budget.

Last March, a startup reached out to us for help with naming and acquisition. They offer affordable, accessible health coaching for individuals or through health insurance or corporate partners.  With the byline, “real health coaches in your pocket,” this startup required a name that’s short & memorable for mobile access, and that’s clean and efficient for medical credibility, plus connotes positivity and enthusiasm for results impacting lives.

We assisted them in acquiring, negotiating a financing plan that worked best for their needs.

Serial entrepreneur John Danner, founder of Rocketship, came to us after trying to acquire a name for his latest startup on his own without success. Ultimately, we worked together to acquire for his new startup, which provides teachers with tools & apps. First, his team generated about 150 names for us- not to worry, not all clients start out with this many. A broker who prioritizes time and communications is key at this stage. Our firm would reach out to domain owners to elicit responses about price ranges, and then if within the client’s budget, the client’s legal team would check for copyright, company names, trademarks in our same space.

It takes some perseverance and organization to process through name generator cycle, but it adds a lot of value in the short & the long term. Talk with a domain name broker today to see what naming options you may unlock!