- New Site, Same Great Service!

You may have noticed that we made some major changes to our website today! In fact, we launched a whole new website. Although, we tried to maintain the same look & feel which we have gotten so much great feedback about, we have dramatically changed the functionality and focus of our site!

First off, I would like to apologize to our customers for not giving a prior notice about taking down our marketplace. We know that you spend a tremendous amount of time adding and updating your domains in our marketplace. We regret not having given more notice, but we were under serious time pressure and things moved ahead faster than we anticipated (for better or worse). As many of you know, over the last 12 months we have been the victim of multiple Malware attacks on our website. These attacks were a direct result of our vulnerability through our domain marketplace. It became apparent that we would not be able to guarantee the security of our clients personal information and our own database, so we decided to scrap the marketplace altogether.

This is a dramatic change, however, we can tell you that the marketplace represented only about 2% of our revenues and 99% of our headaches. The majority of Media Options sales are made through our exclusive Domain Deals Newsletter and our Premium Domain Brokerage Service. So, we have decided to focus our attention on these services so that we can use our resources more efficiently to help you sell even MORE domain names!

Secondly, over the next few months, as we begin launching some of the development projects that we have been working on from our own portfolio, we will begin doing case studies and showcasing our own online properties such as:,,,, & many others!

We want to emphasize that we are in no way changing ANY of our services except for eliminating our online domain marketplace. This service has become entirely unnecessary anyhow with the launch of so many new marketplaces and the dominance of marketplaces such as Sedo, & Afternic. Where these marketplaces lack, is in personalized domain sales & brokerage services! Our strength lies in our network of buyers and sellers and our unique ability to bring them together as well as our experience in selling premium domains to end-users! We are domain brokers and that is where we will focus our time and resources.

On another note, we have moved our site to a more blog friendly platform and plan to start updating our blog much more regularly with posts about domain sales & the progress of developing our internet real estate properties! We have also added a much requested list of premium domain sales (past sales) to showcase some of our top sales. However, we have to mention that most of our top sales are never made public due to Non-Disclosure Agreements requested by either buyer or seller. But we can tell you that Media Options recently completed the sale of what are the largest .net & .org domain sales in history! Both were in the 7 figures (and yes, we are aware of the sale of selling for $1 million).

Anyhow, we feel very confident about our change and look forward to serving you even better with our more focused approach on our Domain Newsletter and our Brokerage Services!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!