Off The Market Forever: Going, Going, Gone

A new domain-centric podcast dropped this week on DomainSherpa, called "Off The Market Forever", starring Chris Zuiker and James Illes. The show's focus is on premium domain acquisitions and upgrades by end-users, and Chris and James bring uniquely relevant insight and knowledge to the show. Chris is one of the best domain brokers in the world and James is one of the top journalists in the space, and both have extensive experience with domains as they relate to end-users.

Chris Zuiker is the Sr. Broker for MediaOptions, the industry's number one domain name broker, leading negotiations for the acquisition & selling of premium domain names. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, startups, entrepreneurs, VCs, etc., and has also authored the book ".Com Strategies". His extensive background in sales and negotiation has laid the groundwork for his domain brokerage skills, while providing him key insights into what brands value.

James Iles is one of the more prominent writers in the domain space and has been referenced or sourced by leading media outlets like Mashable, TechCrunch, and Business Insider. He has also been used as a domain expert for the Telegraph newspaper in the UK and is the publisher of This year James signed on to write for MediaOptions' blog with a wide-range of article such as his "On the Record" series, where he interviews CEOs and executives about the importance of upgrading to their exact-match premium domain, as well as other articles centered on domain name acquisitions.

Together, they bring their knowledge and experience to the table to discuss how the supply of premium domain names decreases by the day, as the demand for them continues to rise. The ongoing adoption and proliferation of the Internet and the increased push to a consumer-friendly digital world in recent years has forever changed branding for companies. More than ever, their domain name is now their brand, address, sales team & face. Because of this, many end-users are starting to understand the true value of top-level domain names and "Off The Market Forever" was created to dive deep into the process of that end-user acquisition and decision making process.

Once a top-level, premium domain is sold to an end-user, it is likely off the market forever. That company will control that domain and global positioning forever. They also get the benefit of the clarity and the trust associated with that great domain name. In the first episode of "Off The Market Forever", Chris and James chat with Jonathan Tenenbaum, host and producer of DomainSherpa, to discuss domain names such as,,, &, and a whole lot more. Be sure to tune in and follow DomainSherpa for future "Off The Market Forever" episodes.