Media Options purchases premium insurance domain

We recently acquired a very premium insurance brand:

We are partnering with one of our clients ReviMedia in order to best monetize and develop this domain to provide the best place to find online insurance quotes. This is an exciting project for us because although we have sold millions and millions of dollars in insurance domain names, we have never developed one out ourselves. Online Insurance Quotes is one of the highest paying keywords in the entire insurance vertical at over $50 CPC and although the search volume is not huge, there is a tremendous long tail to go after.

We will provide Online Car Insurance Quotes, Online Home Insurance Quotes, Online Life Insurance Quotes, Online Disability Insurance Quotes and any other type of online insurance quotes we can find a lead buyer for. We expect to launch the site within the next 30 days. Stay tuned for further update on how our latest endeavor into the insurance development space is going and please check out and let us know what you think.