Standout on the Shelf with a Premium Domain: How Premium Domains can increase Shelf Wins Brand Expansion in the Retail Channel

Standout on the Shelf with a Premium Domain

How Premium Domains can increase Shelf Wins & Brand Expansion in the Retail Channel

How can a digital asset like a premium domain name increase wins on the shelf and in the retail channel? How can premium domain names help your CPG or brand expand and resonate with consumers? Well, have you ever acquired a premium domain name at the grocery store? We did last week, and you probably have too… via the product packaging. Furthermore, the premium domain on the packaging likely affected your purchasing decision!

Shopping in the produce aisle, one of our brokers was selecting organic beef. One of the options, pictured here, stood out on the shelf, advertising to the consumer as a credible, invested leader: it displayed, the premium domain we had brokered to this end user just a few short months ago. As a domain broker, this encounter sizzled with four vital takeaways:

1. Want your consumer packaged good or product to win on the Shelf? Acquire a Premium Domain.

For the consumer selecting a packaged good on the shelf, how can your company stand out? This question isn’t just relevant for refrigerated commodities: if your product, like this beef product, is not primarily sold online, what’s the value of a premium domain? The answer lies on shelf… Companies pay fortunes for endcap spots, to have Costco provide free samples, or for new packaging designs by the marketing department. Right? A premium domain name on your packaged good can also make your product stand out on a shelf.

You don’t have to direct traffic or build a community website there: increase shelf wins by integrating a premium domain into your overall shelf strategy.

2. Diversify! We hear it all the time: but are you diversifying the assets upon which you build your brand strategy?

This particular domain was only acquired a few months ago, as an outbound sale, not an acquisition. Yet, look how quickly the seller updated their packaging.

  • They moved very quickly, investing staff to update the product packaging almost immediately.
  • It doesn’t take a strategic overhaul to grow value with a premium domain. could have simply forwarded to the brand name it represents, capturing consumers not yet loyal to a brand. In this particular case, the brand who acquired the domain chose to launch a simple site. It offers some relevant recipes, capturing any visitors interested in “Grass Fed Beef” whether loyal to the brand or not, growing brand loyalty and capturing some emails.  The domain asset is small, but it contributes.
  • And should your SEO strategy change over time, this brand is prepared!

3. Premium domains resonate with consumers.

To grow consumer relationships & brand loyalty, consider investing in a domain name, especially to showcase shared values. Microsoft studies have firmly established that premium domains resonate with consumers who are presented by varied choices. But let’s break it down to specifics in the retail channel.

In the food industry, values such as fair trade, organic, & free range are changing consumer habits. As yesterday’s Wall Street Journal put it, “there’s a shift in balance of power, and ‘established brands have to work against a negative perception." Yes, but how? A fuller, more credible, and indeed more valuable approach can include investing in a premium domain name that showcases values or resonates with consumers not yet loyal to a particular brand.

The value premium domains bring is not exclusively in the food industry, or consumer packaged goods for that matter. Premium domain acquisition proves belief in value propositions. (link coming soon) Want to resonate with consumers who believe in grass fed beef? Stamp onto your packaging to become a standout, credible brand leader. Acquiring a premium domain puts brands in a unique position to prove shared values with consumers.

4. And dinner… A tasty grass fed porterhouse steak was our final takeaway from this eye-opening, mouth-watering premium domain encounter!