Who’s Afraid of the URL Wolf?

Some Buyers Fear that Domain Names will become Obsolete

A recent Huffington Post article addressed some buyers’ fears that URLs or Domain Names could become obsolete. To many in the thick of the domain or technical world, this idea is quite foreign. However, we need to keep in mind that domain name buyers come from a variety of backgrounds and may have assumptions and misinformation that ultimately affect our sales. Understanding why and how to address this misconception could significantly impact domain acquisitions. A savvy domain name broker may substantially affect your negotiations if your broker is experienced enough to identify and address underlying concerns such as this one.

Why would anyone think that?

Well, for the past three years or so, numerous reliable but non-technical sites have posed this very question. Social media erupted, with new ways to connect to websites.  Apps have become the hottest thing since sliced bread. URL shorteners spawned across the web, with visitors unaware of what domain name they were clicking to visit. The “next big thing,” QR codes, arrived, so hyped as a technical revolution that you would have thought civilization had finally entered the futuristic world of hover car commutes. In addition, search engines were devouring new landscapes, shaking up local and social search while pulling from previous user history. These massive changes certainly quaked through the web and made geeks everywhere scratch their heads to stay ahead of the curve.  Many non-technical publications discussed cutting edge internet behavior changes, but perhaps were so bogged down in technical details that it left the average user uncertain about the future of Domain Names and URLs. Unfortunately, rarely have I encountered such an article that also consulted a domain name broker or other professional domain name investor.

What do Jell-O Shots & Domain Names Have in Common?

Let me emphasize, the existence of the URL bar or Domain Names has never been truly threatened. You can read many articles with all the technical mumbo jumbo, but we can sum it up with J-E-L-L-O. It’s like saying the invention of Jell-O shots threatened alcohol consumption – the internet is comprised of the Domain Name System, and domains truly are the anchor that attracts consumers. Above all else, Domain Names are an addressing system which is inherent to the internet and can not be replaced, like phone numbers.  There may be a handful of businesses that have Facebook pages instead of websites now, but most of these “big things” actually support and increase Domain Name usage itself. At the end of the day, Domain Names are the name of the business, the address for the online real estate. The more supporting pieces like social sites that build up our internet consumption, the more value Domain Names hold.

Why does it matter?

A domain name broker experiences why this is important on a regular basis. Startups and entrepreneurs who are confused by the chatter may be more hesitant to invest in premium domain name acquisitions. Sometimes a venture capital firm may balk at the idea of tying up their cash on a suspect- yet premium- domain name.  (Startups & VCs, please read our previous articles for you.) These underlying misconceptions may be seriously limiting the dollar amount they are willing to invest in a premium domain name and that’s unfortunate since they are missing out on tremendous opportunities.

How to Speak Geek when it’s All Greek to the Buyer

Domain name sales, especially premium domain acquisitions, require in depth discussions. Underlying misconceptions can be recognized and addressed when there’s a quality conversation. Particularly with premium domain names, a broker’s expertise can swiftly identify concerns below the surface. Even non-technical buyers can quickly understand the longevity of a premium domain. An educated entrepreneur can evangelize his or her Venture Capital firm when equipped with info on how a premium domain can shore up exit strategy options. Whether you’re doing it yourself or engaging a domain name broker, real quality conversations lead to closing domain sales. Keep informed of potential buyer perspectives and know how to navigate them!