Why You Need to Own Your Raw Unfiltered Branded Domain Name.

Are you protecting your baby?

I am talking about your email security.

I spoke to someone today, and they’re selling a domain name. I was helping him out with his transaction. One of the things I recommend every owner of a premium domain to do is set up a catchall email address.

It takes about five minutes. You can go here for more info

Set up a Catch All Email for your domain name:

What it is does is it captures all of the emails that are coming in for your domain name. For example...

Let’s say it’s Chris@MediaOptions.com, and you mistype and you forget the “s”, so it is Chri@MediaOptions.com. This would get sent too that catch all account.

Okay, you’re going to capture every single email that is coming into your company. Now, the reason I do this is a couple points. The one is to see how many emails are you getting from another company. Now, this is the sixth step in seven dimensions – email security. I say protecting your baby! Because what happens is that a lot of secure emails, sensitive emails get sent to the wrong company.

So, in this case what he did, is he set this up and what he found is that they were getting a lot of sensitive emails sent to this catch all email address.  The domain that he’s owned for a very, very long time.

Now, here’s the thing:

Most companies, they don’t even realize that this is happening, but it can be a very big problem. A big problem with fraud. It can be a big problem depending on the sensitivity of your company.

So, if you’re in the health industry, well, I mean there’s laws out there that say, “Hey, you can’t share this.  You can’t knowingly let this happen and let this sensitive information slip out to another company.”

Are you spamming another company?

So, it’s interesting but in this case, it’s kind of like you’re spamming this other company, right?

These other companies, because they don’t have their raw unfiltered domain name online consistently send emails to another company. What ends up happening is that their clients end up sending this email just because that’s the way you call yourself.

So, for instance, if you call yourself Nitro LLC and that’s your domain name. If you call yourself Nitro over, and over, and over again, well, it’s just intuitive that your customers are going to think, “Hey, you’re Nitro.” And inevitably what happens that they leave out the LLC and they send it to Nitro.com.

Now, listen. I’m not affiliated with that company at all.I’m just using that as an example.  I don’t know why. I like that domain as an example. In this instance, he was getting a lot of sensitive emails. 

This is why you must acquire your raw unfiltered domain name for your brand.

So, that’s it. That’s all. That’s a quick share today.

If you have a great domain name set up a catch all email address.  Set it for a month.  See what comes in and see if you get some good sensitive emails. If you need help brokering your domain name or if you need help acquiring your domain name, that’s what we do.

That’s what we do at Media Options.

We’ve helped a lot of companies to acquire their raw unfiltered version of their brand and the domain name that’s going to protect their baby, protect their email security.