MediaOptions Domain Deals™ Newsletter

Domain names submitted and accepted for our newsletter marketing also require an exclusive agreement, but it’s a bit more like dating--it may be limited to only 30 days. Another option is to secure a spot in both our Newsletter and the Featured Domains section of our home page, for a fee of $1,000 per domain, per month.

Domain Deals is the #1 Domain Sales Newsletter

About the Domain Deals™ newsletter:

MediaOptions is a domain broker specializing in domain sales to end users. However, we also offer our Domain Deals™ newsletter to our loyal and eager subscribers, who have all individually signed up opted-in, some since 2008! Subscribers are comprised primarily of branding & marketing specialists, SEO/SEM professionals, and domain investors, all of whom regularly participate in domain sales and domain acquisitions. Domains should be priced accordingly. We reserve the right to deny inclusion of any domain from any company or individual for any reason we see fit. Appearances are everything!

The Submission Process for Domain Deals

Domain Deals newsletter submissions are for domain sales under $75,000. Submit up to 5 domains via our Contact Us page, and a domain broker from MediaOptions will respond, usually within 24 hours.

  • Submit your domains for sale.

  • A MediaOptions domain broker responds, accepting domains & processing payment, or declining domains.

  • If declined, we certainly hope to work with you in the future!

  • If accepted, your payment of $50/domain is processed and we contact you with a confirmation link or contract.

  • After we’ve confirmed exclusivity and terms for the domain sale, we begin listing in the Domain Deals™ newsletter.

  • One of our domain brokers will update you of any inquiries or offers.

  • All domain sales transactions are safe and transparent via secure escrow.

  • If not sold, we advise you accordingly and decide either to relist with updated pricing, hold domains, or other alternatives.

  • We charge a 15% Domain Broker success fee based on the final sale price, with a minimum $500 commission (special newsletter commission fee).