Domain Name Consulting

If you’ve acquired companies over the years, you may be sitting on some valuable assets. We can conduct a corporate portfolio review with valuations and liquidation guidelines and expectations for the domain names in your company portfolio.

Domains are an integral part of your online ecosystem, but their values and efficacy are often misunderstood by experts in the larger general fields like marketing and investing.

Are you a startup strapped for cash? You have more options than you realize.

Plan your domain strategy early. Professional domain name consultation can help you achieve the success you are seeking!

MediaOptions can help you design and execute strategies for your corporate domain portfolio across the domain management lifecycle. Our team of seasoned experts carefully assesses the potential business impact of online opportunities and threats to help you understand your brand’s potential.

We heard it all. Every day. For 20+ years.

We spend every day speaking with people who run online businesses. We hear about their successes, failures, weaknesses, and dreams. We hear why they can or can’t afford to grow, what roadblocks they encounter, and what regrets they have. We have collectively amassed tremendous insights into developing and growing businesses (especially as it relates to the domain name space). You can leverage our experience to help your brand realize it’s true potential.

FAQS: Domain Name Consulting with Media Options

Why Hire a Domain Name Consultant?

Businesses looking to purchase or acquire a premium domain name face similar challenges--challenges we’ve navigated through countless times. This is why working with a domain consultant can be a very smart move.

Especially when larger portfolio holders come into play, a domain consultant can help a business save money. The consultant has often done business with these very same bigger players before, making it easier for them to get the best possible price for domain names—particularly if they already have an excellent reputation in the field. Every domain negotiation is unique, from both the seller's and the buyer's perspective. A skilled domain consultant has the experience to get the deal done at the right price consistently.

How can our knowledge benefit you?

As an industry-leading domain brokerage firm, Media Options has a pulse on day-to-day fluctuations in the market and unparalleled access to private sales and private portfolios. It’s no wonder that our CEO Andrew Rosener is globally regarded as the #1 expert on valuations.

In addition to actual numbers, however, our negotiations also provide our brokers with unique insight into the motivations driving acquisitions and sales, and misinformation that adversely affects corporate domain name strategy.

Domain name consulting with Media Options spans all strategic aspects of domain names, including:

  • outsourced management

  • implementing a naming strategy

  • domain name valuation

  • domain transfers

  • premium domains

  • web hosting advice

  • maximizing the marketing of your domain portfolio

  • DNS optimization and security

  • Other legal, marketing, SEO, and technical advice.

Media Options adds value to any online business, including:

Startups and corporations needing guidance in identifying domains to acquire within a set budget. Our team will assist you in identifying top-level domains for your business name and mission.

Domain portfolio reviews where our team of experts can provide comprehensive advice on adapting your domain portfolio strategy to the modern domain landscape. We also assist you in maximizing your management efficiency with comprehensive, customized domain research.

Online business reviews MediaOptions can assist you in creating and deploying a detailed internet naming policy and procuring new domain names.

Expert online marketing insight on how domains, domain extensions, and content affect SEO and SEM performance. How will Google respond to your domain name? How will other search engines? How are potential clients looking for businesses like yours? If your site does not have a .com domain name, how does its existing extension work from a branding perspective? Could the brand name benefit from a new domain extension?

Brand development with our personalized domain registration recommendations, our consulting business team can produce marketing recommendations to help your brand stand out based on your location and business sector.

How do I get started?

Contact us today to discuss your challenges and aspirations and how our domain consulting name team can help!