Domain Value

What is my domain worth?

Establishing a value for a domain name is one of the hardest aspects in the domain name sales aftermarket. A one letter difference could increase the value 20x or could make the domain name worthless.

Although there are many automated tools out there they only deal with the data that is available and often miss the intangible trends and other information that could increase or decrease the value of a domain name.

The Rosener Equation™ for domain name valuation.

MediaOptions CEO Andrew Rosener pioneered the industry standard valuation formula for determining what a domain name will sell for in the aftermarket. This formula looks at the raw equity inherent in a domain name based on the search results, CPC, length, age and about 20 other factors. As such, it is important to have your domain name appraised by a seasoned company like MediaOptions.

If you price it too high your domain name will never sell. If you price it too low you will end up losing money. Find the "sweet spot" for your domain name’s value by contacting us today!

Does MediaOptions offer an official formal domain appraisal?

Yes! MediaOptions does offer an official formal domain name appraisal. Our domain appraisal has been accepted for use in U.S. Federal Court, civil court, IRS audits, divorce cases, bankruptcy cases and for internal corporate accounting purposes.

To find out more or to order a domain appraisal today visit our Domain Appraisal page or contact us!