DomainSherpa Recap: December 8, 2022: Adam Strong Finally Shows Up

I love my career! 😀 I get to review, edit, and spread the love about domain names and DomainSherpa for a living. Recently, I started to think (😱 scary, I know) that not everybody has the luxury of time to watch or listen to each and every episode.

So "with that" 😉, here is your weekly DomainSherpa Recap if you didn't have the time to tune in, whether watching on the episode page at, via YouTube, or listening on the various Podcast platforms such as Apple and Spotify.

I've got you covered! 😎

For those who are new to DomainSherpa, as per the show description, DomainSherpa Review is the seminal show on the DomainSherpa Network where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – who we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our knowledge and understanding so that we can become more successful domain investors ourselves.

Now getting back to this episode, producer and host Jonathan "JT" Tenenbaum is joined by Shane Cultra, Ammar Kubba, and Adam Strong finally shows up!

After the Grand Opening and JT's AKA session, the Sherpas talk a little about NFTs and Web3's place as an attachment layer to Web2. The crew then goes down a 🐰 hole and dives into the recent 🔥 topic of .xyz domain sales going on in the space right now.

After, the Sherpas play The Domain Game, with Adam throwing out a domain he purchased,, which takes the Sherpas into a discussion of having alternative domains for clients who can't acquire a premium domain. Shane won the first round then chose to use a domain he didn't win at auction,, which led to some good points about .ai domain names. JT won that round, and The Domain Game concludes with a domain sale from Ammar,, which he chose to prove a point that there is something out there for everyone. The Sherpas get into it on why is actually a great domain name. JT won The Domain Game 2-1, edging out Shane for some merch that we all know he won't send to himself 🤣🤣🤣.

The Sherpas then go into the NameJetGonnaJet segment where Adam discusses why he thinks is a good brandable domain name, Shane talks about how could be a great domain for a Web3-based company, in the vein of YugaLabs. And in this episode's Grand Closing, the Sherpas discuss who they appreciate in life and how we as a people should just be nice!

If you go over to YouTube, you can watch the entire episode or certain segments of the show, which I broke down for you below!

YouTube Timestamps

0:00 - Introduction
1:38 - Episode begins with the Grand Opening
3:00 - JT gives out his AKAs to the Sherpas and introduces special guest Adam Strong
9:00 - The Sherpas jump a little down the rabbit whole of NFTs, discussing ApeCoin staking, blockchain technology, the future of digital identities and more
17:35 - The crew chops it up about Adam's birthday zoom call and the ongoing .xyz domain sale debate happening in the space right now
30:25 - The Sherpas discuss the difference of using .com vs .xyz, especially for Web3 applications and companies
42:27 - The Domain Game begins with a buy from Adam, and leads into a discussion about having alternatives for big premium domain names for potential clients
48:10 - The Domain Game continues with a name Shane was bidding on at #auction but didn't win,, and the Sherpas talk a little about .io & .ai domains
58:18 - The Domain Game concludes with a domain sale from Ammar, to prove a point that there is some kind of domain for everyone,
1:04:58 - MediaOptions sponsor break
1:05:33 - It's the NameJetGonnaJet segment where the Sherpas review a list of domains about to come up for auction on, including,,, & Adam goes first and talks about why he likes, how it could be a #brand, photo app, or a staging company and play on an otherwise negative word
1:11:00 - Ammar discusses domains on the NameJet list
1:15:40 - Shane mentions why he likes and especially for Web3 companies, just like YugaLabs
1:23:00 Grand Closing with Shane mentioning the people he appreciates and how Ammar just wants everyone to be nice to everyone else

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