Media Options acquires domain industry education media company,!

Media Options acquires domain industry education media company,!

Today we are honored and excited to announce that Media Options has acquired Domain Sherpa! Please see the interview and announcement here!

A significant portion of domain name sales requires education about the domain industry. With this in mind, Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener has been a regular guest on Domain Sherpa, the source for unbiased, authoritative information to help you discover, acquire, manage, monetize and sell domain names. Acquiring this impactful media company seemed like the perfect fit!

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Industry-leading domain name broker MediaOptions announced today that is has acquired all assets and intellectual property of the pioneering and educational domain media platform MediaOptions will resume publishing of DomainSherpa in a format similar to that of its previous owner, Michael Cyger and Web X.0 Media.

MediaOptions CEO Andrew Rosener said, “The acquisition of DomainSherpa was a natural fit for us. As a frequent contributor on DomainSherpa, I was sad to see it cease operations with Michael Cyger’s retirement from domain publishing. Not only was the platform a lifeline for newcomers and industry stalwarts alike, but it’s been a lot of fun too! I learned something new on every show. I’ve heard from many other members of the domain community and there is a real call for the continuity of this industry asset. DomainSherpa filled a void. It added a layer of depth to the domain community, a new approach that hadn’t previously been taken in our industry. In fact, some might say that DomainSherpa helped bridge the gap between the industry and outsiders, be that end users or newcomers, looking to understand and participate in the domain name aftermarket or just better understand the value of a premium domain name for their own business. It brought people together toward a common goal: to improve each of our own businesses and help the industry work toward best practices, which in turn elevates all of us.”

Rosener continued, “In the coming months we plan to kick DomainSherpa back into gear and begin publishing again. Right now our target is to publish our first show in January 2018. Our plan at this stage is to bring back the popular DomainSherpa Review segment first, which is published twice a month. In time we will be adding several new and exciting shows to DomainSherpa, increasing the breadth of content with a focus on actionable information and analysis. We hope to leverage our relationships from within the domain industry and beyond to bring the top experts from domain names and digital media to share insights on best practices and their own successes and failures. Michael Cyger did an incredible job and we have big shoes to fill. We hope to maintain as many of the current partnerships associated with DomainSherpa as possible and build new relationships with other industry partners. We welcome anyone interested in being associated with the DomainSherpa platform to contact us over the coming weeks as we work toward our re-launch.”

The acquisition of DomainSherpa provides MediaOptions a valuable platform with which to connect not only to the domain community, but perhaps more importantly, with the end user. Educating marketing executives and C-suite executives on the importance and value of domain names is a critical step in the advancement of the domain industry; it is also a way to help guide the conversation as the industry grows and changes with the rapid technology advancements taking place today, like new gTLDs and Blockchain technologies.

“Andrew Rosener was consistently cited by our audience as a favorite interviewee and guest on DomainSherpa because of his expertise, drive and innovation, so I was thrilled that he and the MediaOptions team would take over the tradition of education and continue to grow the industry,” said Michael Cyger, founder of DomainSherpa. “With their connections to investors, entrepreneurs and business owners, I have no doubt that the MediaOptions team will continue and build upon DomainSherpa’s tradition of excellence, and I’m excited to see the new shows they produce.”

DomainSherpa was founded in 2011 by Michael Cyger of Web X.0 Media. Cyger, who founded and publishes, the leading publication for quality and operational excellence in business, introduced DomainSherpa as a domain industry outsider. The audience was invited to follow Cyger on his journey from “newbie” to “expert,” to learn best practices of every aspect of domain names from industry leaders and experts. During Cyger’s five years of publishing DomainSherpa, he and the platform won multiple industry awards including the coveted TRAFFIC Conference’s Domain Hall of Fame and Best Domain Blog., an online accelerated learning course for domain name investors and an offshoot of DomainSherpa, will remain with Cyger and Web X.0 Media.

MediaOptions is a leading domain name broker, specializing in high value domain sales and acquisitions. Since its inception in 2008, MediaOptions has been highly focused on the end user, both in their approach to high value domain sales as well as mission critical and sensitive domain acquisitions. MediaOptions is responsible for and has participated in the sale of some of the world’s largest and most important domain sales, including the recent acquisition of by Elon Musk. Headquartered in Panama City, Panama, MediaOptions has received multiple industry awards including Domain Broker of the Year,’s Master of Domains and Domain Hall of Fame. For more information please visit: and