New Website - Launches

A new website,, was just launched yesterday by Steve Kaziyev of  It is essentially a blog, but Steve has found a very interesting niche in order to differentiate from all the other Domain Blogs out there. focuses on people – Domainers to be precise.  Not just any domainers, but the lesser known Domainers who are behind the scenes, and not often in the headlines. Guys (& Gals) who we may not have heard of, but who are still making in impact in the domain industry, most likely in a certain, maybe even obscure, niche of the market that others missed. 

I for one, am excited to read the profiles of these individuals and hear about the struggles and victories they’ve had in their journey into the domain name industry!  It promises to make for very interesting content if not an inspiration to all of us, foremost the new entrepreneurs in the domain industry who may be frustrated by only ever hearing about and reading about the biggest guys in the industry with enormous koffers of cash who they may not be able to relate to as well.

Steve is profiling these individuals in an interview style.  Interesting questions and even more interesting answers as he probes for the secrets behind these domainers success, failures and fresh ideas.  He asks them about their different business models, what works, what doesn’t and are they making enough money to make domaining a full time business.

Great job Steve, and thanks for bring a fresh idea to the industry…

You can check out the very first interview, which just so happens to be with yours truly…Check it out at here: