Why choose a boutique domain name broker?

Media Options is a boutique domain name broker. What does that mean? Why would you want a broker like that? Here at Media Options, when we think of a “boutique,” we think of a welcoming, cozy storefront that prioritizes showcasing custom items over its own brand. We envision a boutique where the owner & other brokers walk around, engaging buyers & sellers in conversation. There’s listening, laughing, nodding of heads… Brokering a domain name can be a delicate process. 

A good broker listens intently, negotiating so both parties are satisfied – downright happy – with the deal. There’s a unique fit for each buyer and seller. It’s a lot like matchmaking. Look at Match.com, it’s a fabulous, algorithmic matchmaker. But it’s no boutique.  Please don’t misunderstand: there’s significant value in listing your domains for sale en masse.

However, if you are buying or acquiring a premium domain, working with a boutique domain name broker is advantageous. People in the domain space are amazing, they have riveting stories and impressive skill sets. Domains bring people together like no other industry. Sometimes we’ll encounter an overall assumption that the original owners of the best domains must have gotten into domain investing because of their ninja IT skills or other technological background.

Often times, however, we’ll meet someone with a unique specialty like gemology or fish commodity trading, who has a handful of 90’s domains surrounding that specialized terminology. Domain name owners are a diverse and interesting mix of all sorts of specialties and professions. If you’re considering buying or selling a premium domain:

Choose a broker who has communication skills to engage with a very diverse set of people.

Think about the players: Small businesses, corporations, individuals, partnerships, and startups… Those who are emotionally invested, those who aren’t… There are serial entrepreneurs, mom & pop, executives… In addition to communication skills, seek out a domain name broker with the experience to negotiate with flexible and creative terms. Money isn’t the only thing that closes deals. One of my favorite stories is the time Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener sold 2 exact match domains for a specialized ham.

It’s no surprise that the person who registered the domains had a love for this rare ham… Encountering some pushback in the brokerage process, Andrew creatively closed the deal by accepting $5,000 cash plus a whole leg of Pata Negra Iberico Ham that retailed for $5,000! Whether selling or acquiring a premium domain: A boutique broker specializes in adding value to the process, ensuring it’s a win-win for both buyer and seller.