Domain Name Broker FAQ's

What can a domain broker do for me?

Simply put, we give you the best possible outcome when you buy or sell a domain name. We combine decades of experience buying and selling top tier domain names with our network of domain owners and clients worldwide. Our domain brokers research your target, then customize our buying or selling strategies to fit your domain name needs, like a bespoke suit. In short, we’ve made this a real job, and much to our parents’ relief, it’s paid off. In a decade of business, MediaOptions has consistently won or been nominated for Domain Broker of the Year. For the last five years, we’ve been #1 or #2 in the world. Come see for yourself how we maintain that high level of performance.

Are you a confidential domain name broker?

Your search history… an irrational fear of horses… that one time in college when you went to a wedding and almost hooked up with the bride’s mother… There are some things worth keeping secret. Your domain dealings are one of them. Our brokerage transactions are 100% confidential, whether we help you acquire or sell a domain name. Like masked luchadores, we find total anonymity and confidentiality empowers us to open additional channels of communication and establish trust, particularly with public corporations—also, we find the masks very slimming. Unless requested by either buyer or seller, and consented by both, MediaOptions does not report its sales publicly.

How does a domain transaction work?

MediaOptions takes information security very seriously. All transactions and information are 100% secure with us and our payment partners PayPal & No need to worry! Transactions under $5,000 are generally handled through PayPal unless the situation calls for something different. All transactions over $5,000 are handled through unless specifically requested otherwise by buyer or seller. is a leader in internet escrow services. It’s fast, easy, and free to set up, and there’s no more secure way to handle a transaction. We’ve used to settle many seven-figure domain deals, so you know you are in good hands.

What are your quality criteria for domains eligible for your Premium Domain Name Broker Service?

MediaOptions is very careful in selecting only the highest quality domain names for our Premium Domain Name Broker Service. In essence, we’re looking for the Kobe beef of the domain market. We’re a “boutique” domain name broker, not a hamburger factory. Our goal is to broker the top 2% of all domain names in the world. A domain must have a sale value of $75,000 or more to be considered for our Premium brokerage service. Most domains which fit that criteria have one or two word names with high exact search volume. Like entertainers who only need one name, these are Prince, Madonna, or Oprah level domain names. Some examples of this type of domain:,,,,, etc. We’ll also consider short, highly brandable domains which are easy to spell and pronounce. Some examples of this type of name:,,,,,, etc. If you have domains that fit these criteria, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you market your domain for sale and maximize your return. We excel at selling smaller value domains as well, primarily by marketing them through our domain newsletter - Domain Deals. Don’t be misled by the name—this is not the Craig’s List of domain names. We publish weekly to a large targeted audience of qualified buyers, investors, and marketing agencies, as well as end user companies we’ve worked with in the past. Domain Deals is the oldest domain newsletter in the industry, with the widest reach. Just about every individual or company we’ve done business with over the last decade receives our newsletter.

What commission & fees do you charge for your newsletter submissions & Premium Domain Name Broker Service?

Commission is much like deer hunting—you only get venison if the hunt is a success. This means that we’re highly motivated to find the best possible deal for you—because we’ve got car payments too. We charge 15% of the total sale price for newsletter submission sales, with a minimum $500 fee for our newsletter sales. If we feel your domain name doesn’t qualify for our newsletter service, you can still have it included for $50, but we retain the right to refuse any domain for any reason. In our newsletter, Buyers pay escrow fees and Sellers pay commission. Escrow fees can be calculated here. The minimum fee for our End User Domain Broker Service is $1,000 or 15%, whichever is greater. In some cases, we charge a $1,250 retainer fee up front; however, this is applied toward the success fee (commission) upon successful sale. Again, this ensures that the domain owner’s interests are aligned with our own.

What are the terms for submissions for your newsletter & Premium Domain Name Broker Service?

Domain names submitted to our newsletter are under a 30-day exclusive representation agreement. (We just want to know that you’re not seeing another broker on the side—be honest with us, we’ve been hurt before…) This means that we’re the only party authorized to market and sell your domain name for a period of 30 days from the time of our first listing or marketing of it. We reserve the right to use all of our resources to market and sell your domain during the term of representation, including, but not limited to, Domain Deals Newsletter (very likely), MediaOptions Marketplace (quite possible), airplane banners (probably not this one), or listing your domain with our other industry partners. Domain names submitted for our Premium brokerage service are under a 180-day exclusive representation & marketing agreement. However, the term length may vary, depending upon the value to price ratio. If you’re shooting for the stars, then we may need a longer term to build the launch vehicle and plot the trajectory. If, however, you’re looking to hit a target a bit closer to the ground and are willing to price your domain name accordingly, then we may accept a much shorter exclusivity period. We may even be able to reduce our commission rate on domains which are aggressively priced to market in the mid-six figures or higher.

And please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!