Premium Domain Names

In a market littered with substandard domain names, premium domains are a not-so-secret weapon in the online marketing arsenal for any brand. Typically, premium domain names are easy to remember, brandable, short, and have a commonly recognized extension, such as .COM.

The old saying is true: you only have one chance to make a first impression. In a modern market, premium domain names present your website--the face that makes that impression for your business--in the best possible light.

Benefits of Owning a Premium Domain Name

Owning a premium domain name is essential for any business hoping to rank with Google and protect their brand, including registered trademarks and all aspects of their online identity. Online businesses all rely on domains to be:

  • Memorable - a domain name that is easy to remember is a priceless marketing tool.

  • Brandable - premium domains offer rich opportunities to establish an identity, drive it home, and optimize branding efforts.

  • Optimal for SEO - it's not just about keywords; a premium domain name communicates trust and a higher click-through-rate in the SERPs, a widely recognized ranking factor.

  • Valuable - a premium domain name is more marketable, not only growing your business, but also adding value for resale.

What Makes a Domain Name Premium?

Premium domain names are previously registered, high-quality domains that can be purchased at current market value. A domain might be considered premium or higher quality if it is closely associated to an industry or service, is related to a highly-searched term, is shorter, and uses a common ending such as .COM, .ORG, or .NET. These domains are easier to remember and spell, and define a concept or industry.

How to Find Premium Domain Names for Sale

The case for having a premium domain name is easy to make, but finding and acquiring one is harder. MediaOptions has a huge catalog of premium domain names for sale. Browse our listings to find a name that works for you, or visit our Domain Name Acquisition page to work with us to acquire a name that’s not currently on-the-market.

Premium Domain Names vs Regular Domain Names: What's the Difference?

Beyond the factors we've already described, premium domain names are more appealing and memorable to a broader audience—and that can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reasons are obscure, or related to marketing and SEO factors. Often these premium domains are catchy or unique names that signal their intended audience or subject matter intuitively.

How Much Do Premium Domain Names Cost?

The rising demand for premium domain names means ever-increasing prices. These prices can vary from one name to the next depending on the spelling, industry, niche, and market trends.

The premium domain experts at MediaOptions are trained to assist you in identifying and acquiring the perfect premium domain name within your budget. Our team of domain name consultants is trained to identify the best domain for your project, and we also have years of experience as domain investors ourselves, with unmatched expertise in valuing, locating, acquiring, and selling premium domain names.